The Land of Sunshine / by Lisa Muller

It's hard to top the last stop that we made in Arizona. With our expectations high, we stayed at the sketchiest of sketch motels in Phoenix and most definitely didn't stay long enough to even bother to look around. The adventure continues to Los Angeles, California; the land of sunshine, beach vibes and trash.

David Bowie - Fame (Press Play and continue on with your reading)

We're coming to the end of our road trip, finally making our way into California. The sights become redundant, the traffic starts to become more constant and the car is starting to sound a lot worse. Like... a lot worse. To the point I'm where I just know that the car is on its last tire. (lol puns) I remember distinctively not liking Phoenix but that was probably the area we were staying in and not wanting to drive anymore. We had already driven through three states and sitting in the car for another couple of days was beginning to make me stir crazy. It was hard to detach myself from the idea of not knowing what I was doing. I thought constantly about what life would be like after I dropped Bailey off at the airport and how nothing seemed real. 

At the prime age of 13 when NYSNC, Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears posters, were plastered on my wall; one of my many dreams was to become a singer, an actress or to be on Animal Planet hanging out with Steve Irwin. Luckily for humanity the POP singing career died when I thought it was a good idea to sing in front of 400 people acapella style. There is footage of it and NO... you will never see it. (dear god I hope not) I grew up watching Marylin Monroe and Lucille Ball, listening to Elvis Presley and The Beatles, and idolizing the idea of "Hollywood". As a little girl growing up in middle class being poor as f#*k and dreaming of the day of seeing Hollywood, it really seemed out of reach. BUT ALL IN ALL WE MADE IT TO HOLLYWOOD.

Bailey and I were so stoked to be staying in a decent motel off of Sunset Blvd only a few blocks from the Walk of Fame and it even came with a free complimentary breakfast. The moment we arrived, we quickly explored and found ourselves a tattoo shop, in which we got tattoos because that's the rational thing to do when jumping from state to state. Bailey and I decided to get similar tattoos to commemorate our friendship and adventures together. After getting mountains tattooed, I also found another type of symbolism that was more personal. A symbol of conquering, overcoming, hard work, and willpower. Something that I'm continuing and will always strive for in life. Los Angeles was everything I did not expect it to be. It's massive, it's busy and it's very dirty; it resembled a lot like New York City. Living in Texas for two years, I got used to Austin and its lifestyle. Clean, sweet people and a little bit of traffic. Being thrown back into the NYC/LA life style, I found the vein in my neck again. 

We did the typical touristy things in Hollywood; we did a celebrity home tour, which I'm still convinced that they don't actually live in those houses... Maybe.  We walked on the Walk of Fame, pressured into buying an awful mixtape, rode the subway and ran from the homeless! Not realizing how spread out LA really was, we only stayed in Hollywood. Which was fine because we were exhausted trying to stay on our time schedule. I didn't take many photos in Hollywood. I saw a lot of things I liked but nothing enough for me to want to photograph. I didn't feel comfortable and I didn't want to take any photos. I thought Hollywood would be glamorous, but Hollywood is where dreams go to starve. What I mean by that is, if you're truly chasing after your dream in whatever you want to do with your life; you're going to have to struggle and push through the barrier of "Hollywood". 

The Journey to San Fransisco was gorgeous. We took highway 1 and drove along the coast of California. Something I've always wanted to do and now another thing has been crossed off my bucket list.