San Fran / by Lisa Muller

Driving on the coast of California from Los Angeles to San Francisco was probably one of the prettiest drives I have endured in my 25 years of existence. 

The Doors - Summertime press play and enjoy.

Bailey and I took the Pacific Highway from Los Angeles all the way to San Fransisco making plenty of stops along the highway. In fact, on one of our stops I managed to talk our way out of trouble by playing the tourist, photography card. 

So, I only knew San Fransisco as the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. BUT, back in the 60's; San Fransisco was the birth ground of new age music. Janis Joplin, Mamas and the Papas, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead and a bunch of other musically talented peoples. When we first got to San Fransisco, we were staying on the out skirts of the city; right by the beach in a totally trendy town, which was easy to fall in love with. Besides our motel being super sketchy, the rest of the area was so cool. There were mom and pop shops, boutiques and a ton of cafes... and if you truly know me, you know my undying love for coffee. While San Fransisco held a lot of beauty and history, it also had a very heavy homeless epidemic. Coming from suburbia Long Island, I rarely ever seen a homeless person let alone a colony of shacks. Tents filled the park by the bay, bus stops taken over with tarps and shopping carts. Devastating to see and even more devastating that there's not much happening to relief these people. 

Our first day of being in San Fran was spent stalking beautiful surfer boys and drinking a pitcher of Margaritas, which later in the night I had the pleasure of sharing that drink with the toilet. The next day I forced Bailey into buying a tour bus ticket, from there we rode that bus for literally five plus hours, circling around San Fransisco and getting off at most of the stops to photograph. We relived our childhood by eating at the RainForest Cafe, stared at the hungry sea lions and managed to get some pretty images of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Our trip we didn't have enough time to really enjoy our surroundings, or enough funds to do some cool things. Like, take a tour of Alcatraz at night or do some the studio tours in LA or stay an extra day in Marfa, Texas. But, the adventure that we did have and end up getting to experience was truly magical. I wouldn't want to share this life changing experience with anyone else honestly. We met some pretty cool people along the way. Alex the sheriff of Marfa, Texas and the Jeff the wild life guide at the Grand Canyon. We got tattoos that symbolized our love for adventure but how our friendship really started. Bailey rode her first subway, drove across her first bridge and got to see an actual beach (Sorry, Galveston isn't a real beach). For someone who recently turned twenty five, graduated from college and literally had no plans in California... I'm shocked I'm still here. Especially, without Bailey and even more shocked that it's been three months of me trying to find myself... alone in one the biggest cities in America. But, I'm doing it.