Roadtrip 2017 / by Lisa Muller

Post Malone - I Fall Apart    press play and enjoy.


After living in Los Angeles for over a year, I decided I needed to change things up. I found myself severely depressed, gaining a mass amount of weight and honestly not doing what I love anymore. I accepted a job in Dallas, Texas which meant yet again... I was packing up my little jeep compass and driving back to Texas from California. Except this time... alone. I stopped at Salvation Mountain, California and slept in a Space Themed hotel room in Arizona. While in Arizona, I stumbled upon some creepy UFO shaped buildings, then saw the largest Pistachio in New Mexico and walked barefoot across White Sands National Park. Had to read a map for the first time since my data ran out on my phone gps and experienced the gas crisis in Texas due to Harvey. All in all this little solo trip was pretty cool, a little stressful but much needed for the soul.


While I've driven alone through multiple state, people always call me "brave". You're brave for traveling alone as a female. There are so many bad things that could happen to you, don't talk to strangers, don't get out of your car, don't do this and don't do that. Yes, there are some pretty shitty people in this world that will do pretty shitty things (like steal your car radio or license plate) but I refuse to let that stop me from experiencing life. We have one life and if fear is what is preventing you from doing something... then maybe you should reevaluate it.


With that being said, I hope you enjoy some of the images I created along this journey!