First adventure of 2016 / by Lisa Muller

We headed to Marfa, Texas.

(When reading this blog post; listen to the band America and their album America. I feel that this album fits perfectly to the vibe of Marfa. America:America)

I have recently graduated from The Art Institute of Austin with my Bachelors in "Fine Art" (Photography) and with my recent mile stone, I've decided to go on a road trip before heading back to my hometown of Long Island, New York. I made my best friend go along with me on my journey to California and we've decided to make our first stop at Marfa, Texas. Marfa is located in the western part of Texas by Big Bend National Park. For those of you that live in Texas or have driven through Texas at some point in your life, you can understand how long its feels to drive 430 miles. With John Mayer on instant repeat, we made our destination and did a little exploring before sunset. 

While venturing around the neighborhoods, which is basically a photographers wonderland, I met a man by the name of Alex. Alex is a retired sheriff who currently owns a tiny barbershop next his home; where you can view the array of track trophies from his high school and college years. He talked about the struggles that he has faced being a Mexican and trying to become the sheriff in a white dominated corrupted town. Funny enough theres an newspaper article I found from 1992 that talks about how he had a dirty cop in his force. He seemed pretty content with being retired from the force and was glad that he didn't have to "watch his back" anymore now being a barber. He had a kind face and a beautiful soul. After our departure, Bailey said I wasn't allowed to make any more new friends. (Check out the article, its pretty fascinating; NewsPaperArticle)

We spent the night at El Cosmico where we stayed in a trailer, our trailer had a bathtub outside. I can't express to you how excited I was to be bathing under the stars with my bottle of wine. Marfa, was the coolest first stop on this trip of self discovery. I never felt so free from the world, not only did we not have cell service but the town was basically a deserted. Desolated buildings and silence filled the air; we woke up to the faint howls of coyotes in the early morning. If you ever have the chance stay a day or two but be sure its on a weekend cause you'll be forced to dine somewhere pricey and end up paying for a forty dollar steak. I mean it was a tasty steak but I just graduated... yo girl don't have that kinda cash.