Lisa Muller Photo - Maker

An east coaster that traded in the snow for a little southern comfort. Unlike other photographers, my passion for creating images didn’t strike my fancy till I was in middle school when Myspace selfies were all the rage.  After high school, I expanded my horizons from selfies to product and lifestyle photography.

As a photo - maker, I specialize in both Studio and Location lighting. I have expansive knowlodge on Canon gear, Pro Photo 1 lighting and retouching.

We live in a society where we are bombarded with images every day. My favorite part in creating images is figuring out what will attract the viewer and spend more than a second to stay connected. 

Clients: / HealthCentral / Wet N' Wild Beauty / Trendy Butler / Onnit / Forever21 / Bevie Magazine / Dalena Vintage / PetaPixel/ NeoBantu/ Elegant Magazine/ Dallas Voyage/ LA Voyage

Gallery Installations: Georgetown  Poppy Seed Festival 2014, Roam 2015, Little Pinky Monster Gallery 2015, Georgetown Arts Center 2016